Basic Carseat Safety


My daughter in her car seat

I am writing this post for my friends and family who have kids or watch them. I care about each and every one of you and your children & this might just save a life. 🙂                        Just the thought of being in a car crash is terrifying, but if you have your child with you, it’s much scarier! I have been in my fair share of accidents when I was younger. Ever since I became a mom, I have definitely became more aware of the cars around me and the potential accidents that could happen. You know, defensive driving that we were all taught in Driver’s Education


Nadia in her car seat at 11 weeks. Chest clip is way too low and those puppies shouldn’t be there.

   I got her infant car sear seat before she was born like everyone else does. I just didn’t look to deeply into the “how to’s” of buckling in your baby. I’m ashamed on how long I had her strapped in wrong. In more ways than one! Around 73% of us aren’t correctly installing our car seats.


Here she is at 4 months. I still had everything wrong. 😦

When I was looking for a convertible car seat for her, I was recommended to this FB group called Car Seats For the Littles. Join it and feel free to ask away!

car seat proper install

found on no copyright infringement intended 🙂

This is a picture of a kid properly strapped in. Those strap protectors came with the seat so, they’re okay. Any after market product added is a general no-no. Just in case, always read your manual! Always make sure those chest clips are at ARMPIT level!


found on no copyright infringement intended 🙂

This is the pinch test! Do it! I had it wrong too. I was always worried that if I tightened the straps that they would be too tight. I was wrong and she’s just fine. 🙂

So here’s a list to check:

  1. Make sure your seat isn’t expired and there aren’t any cracks. If you have purchased your seat new, you usually have nothing to worry about. The expiration is usually on the bottom or side of the seat.
  2. Make sure your little one is facing the right direction. Rear-facing is RECOMMENDED until 2, but you should try to keep them in as long as they still meet the rear-facing weight requirements.
  3. Technically the middle seat is the safest for the child, but convenience is also a factor when putting your child in the seat. So if you put them in one of the side seats make sure that you pull that belt all the way out slowly until it clicks so you have it locked.
  4. Make sure you cannot move your seat side to side more than an inch. You can check out the install video below for more info.
  5. Make sure that chest clip is at armpit level
  6. When rear facing the shoulder straps should be AT OR BELOW their shoulders. Forward facing should be AT OR ABOVE.
  7. Do the pinch test. If you can pinch the straps, they are too loose.
  8. Make sure no after market product is on your seat because they are not tested in the crash test. When in doubt check your manual or call the manufacturer.
  9. Never wash the straps. If you have, call the manufacturer and they will usually ship you new ones for your convenience. The reason is because it washes away the fire retardant part that is added to them. If you have to wash them cause we all know how they can spit up and get drool, food, juice etc on them just use a mild wipe or just water. Again, check your manual or call the manufacturer.

Now I’m going to add links for reference and things to watch. 🙂


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The 5 Step test (to determine when a child can ride without a booster)

Car Seats For The Littles



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