Learning to use a spoon, Messes & Bathtime


making quite the mess learning how to use her spoon

This morning around 9am it was Nadia’s breakfast time. I prepared her a warm jar of pear, cinnamon & rice cereal mixture. She took a few bites then threw her hands up and in her face, pushing away the spoon as I tried to feed her. Being frustrated, I just gave her the spoon.


yum yum

To my surprise, she decided to try and feed herself. I was happy to see her so eager, but I was also terrified at the mess that was about to unfold. It took a lot out of me to not just grab the spoon and feed her myself. Or to just clean up as she dropped spoonful after spoonful of the gooey-sticky substance. Beside my better judgment, I decided to just dump part of the pureed food on her tray.


look what I’m doing!

She was delighted to find all of her food sitting right in front of her to try to scoop up with her spoon. She did her best and had her fun, as you can see! Swiping her hands over her food, spreading it all around. Then, squishing her hands together to make a disgusting noise that she thought was very comical.


Bananas! Her favorite!

After all the squishing & wiping her hands in her hair, on her face & on her pants I decided to give her some bananas. My reasoning was because she barely got any in her mouth. I also gave her some toast & juice.


messy girl

As you can see, she made a big mess. I instantly started her bath water. After transferring her from her chair to the bath, I realized I need to change my shirt. The one I was wearing had her pureed cinnamon pear all over it.


squeaky clean

After playing with her bongos in the bath and struggling to wash her hair. She’s clean & smells like a fresh baby again!

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